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Palo Santo 28grs

Palo Santo 28grs

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Pack of 4 Palo Santo sticks perfect for brightening energy and promoting feelings of positivity and joy. The aroma also reduces stress and anxiety, and improves clarity and concentration.

Its citrusy, woody scent is easily recognisable and its use is becoming more and more widespread. “Palo Santo” significa “Madera Sagrada” y es utilizado desde hace cientos de años con fines espirituales y curativos. Quienes lo usan afirman que tiene poderes sanadores y tranquilizantes.

This pack can vary in size and thickness and shape as they are 100% natural (Each stick is approximately 8 to 15 cm long and 1 to 2 cm thick).

Pack weight: 28 grs..

Palo Santo and fair trade

Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested and certified by the Peruvian government, where for years it has been regulated by the state, with a series of measures to ensure a balance between the consumption and growth of this tree.

According to state regulations, the wood is only harvested from branches that have fallen naturally or from trees that have already died. In addition, harvesting is always carried out in designated areas with a prior study of the forest mass.

The law stipulates that it must be extracted and cut by the inhabitants of the indigenous communities, thus benefiting the local economy.

When the Palo Santo passes through customs, it is checked that all the requirements have been met and all the corresponding documentation is handed over.

How to use Palo Santo:

-Light the wood (we always advise lighting it with a candle).

-Wait until a black smoke comes out. After a few seconds extinguish the flame by waving your hand.

-Walk around the space where you want to cleanse the energy.

-You may need to repeat the lighting several times if the room to be purified is large. This is why we always recommend leaving a lit candle nearby.

-Place the Palo Santo in a fireproof container. The ember will slowly fade away.

-With one Palo Santo wand you have enough for multiple burnings.

Política de devolución y reembolso

Because our custom made products are handmade, unfortunately we are unable to accept any returns or issue refunds.

We are unable to accept any returns or issue refunds.

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